The good news is that Minoxidil is proven to combat male pattern baldness. The *less *good news is that it takes some time to show results.

It may take three to four months of regular and consistent use before you notice any improvement. And very important note: For best results, you must apply twice daily. (And if you’re struggling to build this new habit into your routine, we put together a few tips to make it easier.)

You might also notice an increase in shedding during your first month using minoxidil. If this is the case, don’t worry—it’s very normal (more here on that) and should slow after the first month.

Remember, you must continue to apply minoxidil regularly daily to maintain the results. Once you stop using it, any regrown hair will usually fall out within three months.

Watch: How to take your minoxidil

Keeps is science, not magic. Be sure to always take medication as prescribed. And be sure check out our offering if you’d like to learn more about hair loss treatment.

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Image credit: Clifford Owusu