So your minoxidil foam arrived, you tore open the package, and now you’re staring at the bottle thinking, “What now?” Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. But before we tell you how to start, let’s review what exactly minoxidil is and why it’s going to help you.

Minoxidil (a.k.a. Rogaine®) is an FDA-approved topical treatment for hereditary hair loss, more formally known as male pattern baldness. That means it’ll try to put the brakes on your hair loss and possibly even promote hair regrowth.

Like with any good habit, consistency is the key to getting the full benefits of minoxidil. Use it twice a day, every day. (Having a tough time remembering to use it? We’ve got a few tips for you.) Most guys start to see results after four to six months of use.

Without further ado, here’s how to apply minoxidil foam:

  1. Make sure your hair and scalp are dry. (No need to shampoo beforehand.)
  2. Part your hair into rows. You should be able to see any thinning areas.
  3. Spread half a capful of foam over the crown (a.k.a. the vertex) of your head.
  4. Gently massage it into your scalp. This is the best part! A daily head massage!
  5. Wash your hands so you don’t get minoxidil on all your stuff.

That’s all! Who knew keeping your hair would be this easy?

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