Congrats on taking action on your hair loss and deciding to use finasteride! That’s the first step to keeping (see what we did there?) your hair.

Finasteride is an FDA-approved prescription tablet that has been clinically proven to prevent the spread of receding hairlines and boost hair regrowth. Watch the video below to find out how to take it properly.

Once prescribed by your doctor, you should take one finasteride tablet by mouth at the same time every day to maximize effectiveness. You can take finasteride with or without food. Remember—consistency is key to seeing results. And if you’re having trouble building this new habit into your routine, we put together a few tips to make it easier.

Although rare, in clinical trials, 3.8% of patients notice some form of sexual side effects. (Read more about the potential side effects of finasteride.)

In case you have any questions or experience side effects, you can always reach your Keeps doctor through the secure patient portal.

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