If you’ve ever searched for hair loss treatments online, you’ve probably seen some before and after photos that made you think, “I’ve got to try this.” But regrowth isn’t the only way a treatment can help you—stopping your hair loss is a big win, even if it doesn’t make for the most exciting before and after.

Results from FDA-approved treatments like finasteride and minoxidil can range from keeping the hair you have to regrowing some hair to making your mane as thick as it before you started experiencing male pattern hair loss.

So how can you know what to expect from Keeps treatment? To help you figure that out, we’ve rounded up five reviews from our customers that show just how different Keeps results can be.

1. Has Keeps helped? Absolutely.

“I have a widow’s peak and it had this terrible line that left an embarrassing hair island in the front. But after two months of using Keeps it filled in. No more island! The rest of the widow’s peak is making slow but certain progress. If I grow my hair longer you can barely tell my hairline isn’t full. Is my hair 100% back? Nope. Has this product helped regrow hair and fill in my hairline? Absolutely.” - Jason

2. My goal is to keep what I’ve got

“I’ve been using Keeps for over a year now and my hair has stopped thinning. I don’t think I’ve had any considerable regrowth, but I wasn’t expecting that. My goal is to keep what I’ve got (or at the very least slow down the inevitable balding). I’m happy with Keeps and believe in its effectiveness!” - Joshua

3. I’m back to loving my hair

“I’ve always loved my hair, and when I realized that I was starting to lose it, I went into full panic mode. Eleven months after signing up for Keeps, I’m back to loving my hair. While I only saw a small amount of regrowth in my hairline and crown, my confidence in growing my hair out is back, and I can thank Keeps for that. You can guarantee that I will keep it up with Keeps!” - Nick

4. It’s fuller, it’s not coming out in the shower, and my hairline looks great

“It actually works! I’ve been using Keeps for the past year or so and my hair is legitimately better than it has ever been. It’s fuller, it’s not coming out in the shower, and my hairline looks great. Most importantly, this has done wonders for my self-confidence! Thank you Keeps!” - David

5. I’ve definitely noticed a slowdown in my hair loss

“I’ve definitely noticed a slowdown in my hair loss since I started using Keeps. I feel like I’m regaining some, too. If you want to hang on to what you have, and maybe fill back in some hair that’s gone, this is worth a shot.” - Will

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