If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already done some research into hair loss treatments. You may even know that it can take four to six months (or longer) to start seeing results from finasteride and minoxidil.

We know that seems like a long time to wait when you want your hair loss to stop yesterday. But, as these reviews will tell you, your results could be well worth the wait.

Now we’ll pass the mic to these real Keeps customers so they can tell you about their progress three months in.

You can hardly tell I ever had an issue

“This product started working really well for me in the third month. By the time I received my second order my hair was filling in nicely. You can hardly tell I ever had an issue. It continues to work. I highly recommend this product.” - Paulo

It’s just so easy to get the results you want

“Keeps gives me hope. I started losing hair at 24 and after fiddling with shampoo and conditioner and not getting the success I wanted, I found Keeps. Within three months, I started to get actual results from the medication. It’s just so easy to get the results you want using Keeps. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with receding hair to check out this company out. The application is simple, the medication is simple. Keeps makes it easy to get your hair back.” - Anthony

I’ve noticed an immense difference

“Two or three years after I noticed that I was thinning at the top of my head, I stumbled upon Keeps through an online ad. It was relatively cheap and three months into using it, I’ve noticed an immense difference in my hair! I got the hair I wanted back and Keeps helped me get there!” - Nathan

I love having hair now

“I did a three-month trial with Keeps. I figured I had nothing to lose. When the first three months were up, my spouse took progress pictures. I was impressed by the results. I’ve been on my Keeps treatment plan for almost a year and I love having hair now.” - Antonio

I just love watching my hair grow back

“Tried Keeps after trying, and failing, using Rogaine® foam for a few years. I hadn’t used Rogaine® in a bit over a year and my bald spot continued to grow. Saw an ad for Keeps and decided to give it a try. I could see real results in less than 3 months! I couldn’t be happier with my experience and just love watching my hair grow back and my bald spot fill in. Extreme confidence booster!” - Charles

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