Does Keeps really work?

You wouldn’t be the first guy to ask that question. While we’re always happy to tell you all about our offering (and share the science behind finasteride and minoxidil with you), we thought you might want to hear from a few real guys today.

For example, on the site Justin & Nick, Nicholas Grant, a registered nurse anesthetist pictured above says, “With a family history of hair loss, I found myself constantly struggling to feel confident about how my hair would look and feel in the future. This hair loss struggle was the first time I didn’t feel in control of my body, but Keeps made it easy and fast to get the information I needed to take back control.”

Here are four more guys and their stories:

Norris Frederick, professional athlete


“Growing up as a kid I remember my dad would always keep his hair really short and wear hats in public and I never really understood why. Then, when I started competing in track and field I did not realize how much stress could affect the human body. I lost a lot of hair, and while look for a solution, I found Keeps. They make it easy not to worry about hair loss. Now, I can live a more fulfilled, stress free life - plus, they are affordable and backed up by real science.” - Norris Frederick

Brandon Bryant, investor and blogger


“Keeps has not only made my life easy with getting started on hair loss prevention, but also allowed me to sit back, relax and have great hair.” - Wall Street Paper

Will Taylor, creative consultant


“I’ve been lucky enough to have a thick head of hair most of my life, but once I hit thirty I definitely started to notice it receding and thinning. So that’s when I began to try Keeps, and thought the whole experience was great. The process is simple, the products are well-priced and they arrive in the mail quickly with clear and simple instructions.” - Bright Bazaar

Andrew Wise, lifestyle blogger


“Keeps was designed for folks like me who love the convenience of getting everything we need delivered to our home. So, this is my story of having great hair and wanting to hold onto it. The only proven way for guys to keep their hair is to take action now, while it’s still here to keep it around for the long term.” - Life Tailored

Ready to take the next step? Learn more about how you can keep your hair with Keeps.

Not quite ready and want to read more reviews? Cool—check out our write-up on Hold The Hairline, read more of our favorite testimonials here, or dive right into our 1000+ reviews. Normally we’re not into bragging, but our current average rating is 4.7/5. Not too shabby.

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Finasteride is an oral medication used to treat male pattern baldness in men only. It is not for use by women. When used by men, finasteride is generally safe but it can also cause serious side effects, including but not limited to allergic reactions, sexual dysfunction, and high-grade prostate cancer. Most patients find that problems with sexual function resolve when they stop taking the medicine. For full prescribing information, view the drug label information. For full prescribing information, view the drug label information.