Whether it’s a BBQ, a baseball game, or a vacation, everyone wants to enjoy the summer weather. But before you head outdoors, allow us to debunk some of the more popular myths involving your hair and the nice weather.

Myth: Hats cause hair loss

While a ball cap may up your style game, it will not decrease your hair count.

Quick tip

Just like you frequently wash your underwear and socks (we hope!), give that same treatment to your favorite hat. Bonus: washing your hat frequently helps you avoid scalp infections from dirt and sweat.

Myth: Too much sunshine causes hair loss

Although it may feel like your head is on fire after hours at the beach, sustained exposure to sunshine is not a direct cause of hair loss.

Quick tip

Be sure to always apply SPF—it’s your skin’s best friend—and add a hat up top if you want some extra protection.

Myth: Applying sunscreen on your scalp leads to hair thinning

Looking for another excuse not to apply sunscreen? Sadly, this is just a myth because there is no evidence that sunscreen causes hair loss.

Quick tip

If you have a bald spot or are experiencing thinning, be sure to apply SPF on that area to prevent itchy or uncomfortable sunburns.

Myth: Chlorine and salt water leads to baldness

Although excess chlorine and salt water may dry out your hair for a few days, neither of these things cause hair to fall out.

Quick tip

Before and after swimming, condition your hair to maintain its moisture. (Some people actually even wet their hair before entering a pool to protect their hair follicles from absorbing the chemicals in chlorine.)

Now that you know the truth, you can get out there and enjoy that sunshine.

But, before you go grab your hat and put on your sunscreen, read up on the real causes of hair loss. The more you know, the more you keep your hair.

Not to mention, the more interesting your small talk facts will be at that BBQ. (What’s that? We’re the only people who talk about hair loss over hot dogs and burgers? Weird.)

Image credit: Andrew Wise