So, you just started using minoxidil to treat your hair loss and you’re wondering how this will affect your daily hair styling routine.

Good news! You don’t have to make any big, dramatic changes (unless of course, you’ve been looking for an excuse to do so).

Instead, we spoke with hair loss expert and Keeps medical advisor, Antonella Tosti, on the five simple tips to styling your hair while you use minoxidil:

Tip #1: Cutting

Cut your hair whenever and however you want. Minoxidil does its work at the scalp-level, so it won’t be compromised by a fresh cut.

Tip #2: Washing

Wash your hair normally and with your preferred products, just keep in mind that to get the best results your hair and scalp should be dry when you use minoxidil (but it is OK if your hair is a little damp, just make sure it’s not soaking). Oh, and you should avoid getting your hair wet for four hours after applying it.

Tip #3: Blow drying

Keep on using that blow dryer if that’s what you want to do. In fact, you can blow dry immediately after applying.

Tip #4: Styling

Stock up on your styling products. Gels, foams, pomades (and anything else you like to put in there) are perfectly safe. Just make sure to wash them out before applying your minoxidil. However, if you have specific questions about how the ingredients in your styling product might interact with minoxidil, just ask your Keeps doctor.

Tip #5: Coloring

Continue dying your hair if that’s what makes you happy — it won’t hurt your treatment. (But keep in mind that minoxidil can make dyed hair look a little lighter.)

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