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I've started my treatment but I'm still shedding hair. Is this normal?

Written by Danielle R.Last Updated 3/28/2024

Yes, that’s completely normal. What you’re seeing is the bad hair falling out so the new, healthy hair can grow in.

While this increase in shedding may make you question the treatment’s effectiveness, don’t worry. After 4-6 months of consistent, daily use, many patients start to see a difference.

To quote one of our customers, Vladimir M,

First two months of religiously using the product my hair situation got actually worse (I was warned about it in the pamphlet that came with the product), but starting in the middle of month 3 it started improving. First I noticed that my hair has gotten stronger and thicker. Then it started to fill out around the edges of the bald patches. I am at the beginning of month 6 and my crown bald patch is pretty much gone completely while my front patches are MUCH less visible.

You can check out other reviews from the first three months of treatment as well.

I've started my treatment but I'm still shedding hair. Is this normal?

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