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Does Climax Delay Spray have side effects?

When used as directed, Climax Delay Spray is generally well-tolerated.... Read more

Can I use Climax Spray before oral sex?

Be sure to wait 5-10 minutes for the spray to absorb and wipe any excess spray from the penis before engaging in oral sex. ... Read more

Can I use Climax Delay Spray with a condom?

Yes! For best results, apply the spray directly to the penis approximately 5-10 minutes before using a condom (do not apply the spray to the condom itself).... Read more

How long does Climax Delay Spray last?

The reduced sensitivity effects of Climax Delay Spray typically kick in within 3-5 minutes of application and can last up to 3 hours.* *Individual results may vary. ... Read more

Is Climax Delay Spray safe?

Clinical studies of lidocaine-based sprays for premature ejaculation indicate that it is usually well-tolerated.... Read more

How does Climax Delay Spray work?

Climax Delay Spray contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic.... Read more

What treatments are there for premature ejaculation?

While there are no FDA-approved medications to treat premature ejaculation, your provider may recommend an “off-label” prescription to address your symptoms.... Read more

Can women be exposed to finasteride?

Due to how finasteride interacts with the body’s hormones, women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should not handle finasteride pills, especially if they are broken or crushed. ... Read more

Can I use minoxidil on my beard or other parts of my body?

Minoxidil is only FDA-approved for use on the scalp and it is not recommended for use on any other part of the body.... Read more

Can I use my regular hair products with my Keeps treatment?

Yes! You can use your regular hair products. ... Read more

Is minoxidil okay to use around pets?

If you are a pet owner, you can use topical minoxidil with appropriate precautions... Read more

Can I use thickening shampoo and conditioner if I color my hair?

Yes! You can definitely use the thickening shampoo and conditioner if you color your hai... Read more

How often should I use thickening shampoo and conditioner?

We recommend that you use the shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week... Read more

Can I use the thickening shampoo with ketoconazole?

Yes! Our medical providers recommend using your ketoconazole shampoo 2-3 times per week... Read more

Will thickening shampoo and conditioner help stop hair loss or promote hair regrowth?

While Keeps thickening shampoo and conditioner are a great complement to your treatment regimen, they aren't designed to stop hair loss or regrow hair... Read more

How are the Keeps thickening shampoo and conditioner different from regular shampoo and conditioner?

Both the Keeps thickening shampoo and conditioner are formulated specifically for male pattern baldness to make your hair look thicker and feel healthier... Read more

Does finasteride affect fertility?

Available data indicate that finasteride does not reduce fertility in young, healthy men... Read more

Should I use Keeps for hair loss due to chemotherapy?

Unfortunately, since Keeps exclusively treats hair loss caused by male pattern baldness, it's not the right treatment for you if your hair loss is due to chemotherapy... Read more

How do I apply minoxidil foam?

To apply minoxidil foam, part your hair into sections, then use your fingers to spread the foam over the thinning areas and massage it into your scalp... Read more

Can I take the Keeps products with other prescriptions?

All drugs have the potential to have interactions. We recommend reading the drug facts for each treatment you’re taking and speaking to a doctor... Read more

Do you sell foam minoxidil?

Yes, we do! We offer both minoxidil solution and foam... Read more

I've started my treatment but I'm still shedding hair. Is this normal?

Yes, that’s completely normal. What you’re seeing is the bad hair falling out so the new, healthy hair can grow in... Read more

What are the most common side effects of Tadalafil (generic Cialis®)?

The most common side effects include headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle pain, nasal congestion, flushing, and pain in limb.... Read more

Are there potential Tadalafil (generic Cialis®) interactions with other medications?

Tadalafil (generic Cialis®)* may interact with other medications such as nitrates (often prescribed for chest pain), alpha-blockers like terazosin or doxazosin, HIV protease inhibitors, antifungal medications such as ketoconazole, macrolide antibiotics such as erythromycin, and other erectile dysfunction medications.... Read more

Are there potential Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®) interactions with other medications?

Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®)* may interact with other medications such as nitrates (often prescribed for chest pain), guanylate cyclase stimulators (often prescribed for cardiovascular conditions and include Adempas (riociguat)), alpha-blockers (commonly used for prostate problems or high blood pressure), HIV protease inhibitors, certain oral antifungal drugs such as ketoconazole, specific antibiotics, or other drugs for high blood pressure or erectile dysfunction.... Read more

What are the most common side effects of Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®)?

The most common side effects include headache, flushing, indigestion, abnormal vision, nasal congestion, back pain, muscle pain, nausea, dizziness and rash.... Read more

How long does it take for Tadalafil (generic Cialis®) to work?

For daily use, Tadalafil (generic Cialis®)* typically takes 1-2 weeks to provide maximum benefit.... Read more

How long does it take for Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®) to work?

Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®)* typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour to begin working and lasts up to 4 hours.... Read more

How to take Tadalafil (generic Cialis®) generic Cialis®?

Tadalafil (generic Cialis®)* can be taken daily or as-needed.... Read more

How do you take Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®)?

Take as needed for erectile dysfunction, 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual activity.... Read more

How does Tadalafil (generic Cialis®) work?

Tadalafil (generic Cialis®)* works by blocking PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5), an enzyme in the body that breaks down chemicals responsible for blood flow (and therefore erections).... Read more

How does Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®) work?

Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®)* works by blocking PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5), an enzyme in the body that breaks down the chemicals responsible for blood flow (and therefore erections)... Read more

What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil* is a generic form of Cialis®, an oral medication FDA-approved for treating Erectile Dysfunction.... Read more

What is Sildenafil Citrate?

Sildenafil Citrate* is a generic form of Viagra®, an oral medication FDA-approved for treating Erectile Dysfunction.... Read more

What erectile dysfunction treatments does Keeps offer?

We prescribe Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra®)and Tadalafil (generic Cialis®), which are FDA-approved and clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction.... Read more

What is the difference between different types of minoxidil?

Keeps offers several different options for hair loss treatment that you can check out [here]( Read more

Why does Keeps only sell finasteride and minoxidil?

We don't! Keeps offers a number of prescription and over-the-counter treatment options for hair loss... Read more

How do I take finasteride?

Watch this instructional video or check out our guide... Read more

Will the Keeps hair loss treatments work for me?

In general, finasteride and minoxidil are most effective (>90%) at reducing and stopping further hair loss.... Read more

What’s the difference between 1% ketoconazole shampoo and 2% ketoconazole shampoo?

The percentage refers to the concentration of ketoconazole—the antifungal medication that reduces dandruff and itching—in the shampoo.... Read more

What's the difference between 1 mg and 5 mg Finasteride?

Studies have shown that there is no difference in effectiveness in treating male pattern baldness between finasteride 1 mg and finasteride 5 mg.... Read more

What products does Keeps sell?

Keeps sells the only two FDA-approved treatments for hair loss, finasteride and minoxidil.... Read more

What is the difference between minoxidil foam and minoxidil solution?

The foam can be applied with your hands, while the solution requires a dropper... Read more

What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil (generic Rogaine) is an over-the-counter hair loss treatment that comes in the form of a topical solution as well as a foam.... Read more

What is ketoconazole shampoo?

Ketoconazole shampoo is a prescription or over-the-counter shampoo that treats for dandruff and flaking, itching, and scaling of the scalp, which are not-so-fun side effects of minoxidil.... Read more

What is finasteride?

Finasteride is a prescription pill that is used to treat hair loss in men.... Read more

What happens if I stop taking my Keeps treatment?

Stopping treatment will likely result in your hair loss progressing at the same rate it was before you started... Read more

Do Keeps hair loss treatments have side effects?

To understand what’s best for your hair loss treatment, we recommend asking your doctor or reading the full drug facts on finasteride and minoxidil.... Read more

How long does it take for Keeps hair loss treatments to start working?

It typically takes 4-6 months to start seeing results.... Read more

How long do I have to use ketoconazole?

For as long as you’d like to keep dandruff and itching away!... Read more

How do I use minoxidil?

We've put together two short articles to make using minoxidil as easy as possible... Read more

How do I use ketoconazole shampoo?

Get your scalp thoroughly damp, apply 1 tsp of shampoo, work it into a lather, and then let it sit on your scalp for five minutes before rinsing completely with water. You should wash your hands before and after use. ... Read more

Do you sell hair loss vitamins?

We do not, and here’s why: We only sell products that are clinically proven to work for your condition... Read more

Do Keeps hair loss products work?

Yes, we know from research and from real guys like you that finasteride and minoxidil are clinically-proven to work. They are the only two FDA-approved products for hair loss.... Read more
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