There are many causes for hair loss, including ones that could indicate a medical condition or issue.

That means, if you’re concerned about your own hair loss, it’s important that you speak with a licensed physician to understand the cause. Once you understand that, you can then discuss treatment options for preventing further loss and helping with regrowth.

If you want to know what could be causing thinning in general, this list of hair loss causes is a good place to start. (But again, we never recommend diagnosing yourself via Dr. Internet List.)

Now, when it comes to common causes, male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss. And it happens earlier than anyone expects. In fact, two out of three guys will experience some form of MPB by the time they’re 35.

In the video below, leading hair loss expert, Dr. Jerry Shapiro dives into this topic.

Even with today’s advancements in science, there’s still no known cure. Fortunately, there are proven treatments that can combat the symptoms (and you can read all them right here). Hair loss can be very devastating, but the earlier you start treatment, the better the chances of success.

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