If you’ve experienced hair loss, you likely understand how challenging and emotional of an experience it can be. From trying to understand the root cause of your hair loss to researching treatment options and simply reckoning with the first signs of aging, it’s often a confusing and disheartening ordeal.

We launched Keeps four years ago with a mission to make hair loss a thing of the past by partnering with men to provide an easier, more effective way for them to keep their hair.

In our quest to provide the best possible treatment options, we’ve learned that every individual experiences hair loss differently. There is no one-size-fits-all fix to treating hair loss or kickstarting better hair growth. While many individuals have found success with personalized, at-home treatment plans to stop hair loss, some require a different level of care to achieve desired results. For individuals seeking a more permanent regrowth solution, restoration procedures may be the best option.

To provide better outcomes and deliver on our promise to make hair loss a thing of the past, we’re proud to expand our offering to include in-person hair restoration procedures. As Keeps evolves, our goal is to be the first and final place a man has to turn to in his journey to fight hair loss. This new treatment option allows us to enable even more men to choose how they achieve their desired hair goals.

Providing FUE hair transplants in NYC

Opening in early 2022 in New York City, Keeps Hair Restoration marks the first in-person hair loss treatment option provided by Keeps. This new facility will provide the most advanced way to restore hair via Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures.

This state-of-the-art hair restoration technique delivers natural-looking results by using existing hair follicles to restore hair growth on the scalp. Our expert medical team has successfully performed over 1000 manual FUE procedures to date. Considered safe and relatively painless, this technique is generally regarded as one of the best, most effective hair restoration procedures.

After the procedure, your doctor will prescribe a personalized hair growth treatment plan—designed to maintain the results of the procedure over time. Our hybrid in-person and online healthcare model will allow hair restoration patients to receive continuous care from Keeps long after the date of their procedure.

Developing a better hair transplant option

Four years ago, part of the inspiration for Keeps was to provide a better way to treat hair loss than what was available elsewhere at the time. That same desire to create the best possible care option has served as a guiding principle for Keeps Hair Restoration.

Far too often, traditional hair restoration clinics fail to deliver a personalized, compassionate care experience. Many will rush patients through the consultation and decision process with vague promises and pricing models. These same clinics don’t adequately educate patients on what to expect from the procedure and leave them to navigate post-procedure care by themselves.

With Keeps Hair Restoration we’re determined to deliver a better, patient-centered approach to hair transplants starting with the first consultation. Those considering a restoration procedure will work with a patient advisor to explore whether a procedure is their best available course of treatment. That same advocate will support the patient each step of the way if they choose to move forward with a procedure. Even post-procedure, the individual’s doctor and care team will help set up an action plan to ensure continued success and long-term results.

How do I know if hair restoration is right for me?

As with any elective procedure, moving forward with a hair restoration procedure is a major personal decision. We’re committed to empowering you to move forward with a decision that helps you feel confident and in control of your image.

Keeps Hair Restoration will begin accepting new patients early next year. Want to stay up to date with everything there is to know about Keeps Hair Restoration? You can sign up here to receive updates and learn when we will begin accepting new patients.

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