Sunshine. Hats. Masturbation. Shampoo. Testosterone.

What do the above things have in common? #fakenews. They’re all things that many people wrongly believe cause hair loss.

We’re here to break down the facts so you don’t confuse hair loss myths with the real causes of male pattern baldness.

What doesn’t cause hair loss?

  • Hats do not cause hair loss. Although you may see a few hairs at the sitting at the bottom of your ball cap, it is not the reason your hair is thinning out lately.
  • Masturbation does not cause hair loss. Do not worry Mr. DIY, you do you because your hairline won’t take a hit.
  • Sunshine does not cause hair loss. Sustained exposure to sunshine is not a direct cause of hair loss, so keep enjoying the beach - but always wear SPF!
  • Shampooing does not cause hair loss.
  • Natural high testosterone does not cause hair loss.
  • Hair products do not cause hair loss.
  • Stress does not cause male pattern baldness (though anxiety, trauma, and emotional strain can contribute to temporary hair loss).

What does cause hair loss?

When it comes to male pattern baldness, the answer is almost always Genetics. In fact, heredity accounts for about 80% of a person’s predisposition to hair loss. (Here’s a list of several other hair loss causes.)

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